FAQ’s About Permanent And Semi-Permanent Makeup

This is the latest trend in makeup art. However, due to this being still a new thing in the beauty industry, a lot of people tend to have question or doubts about it. So here are the answers to some of the FAQs about semi-permanent/ permanent makeup to clear away the doubts for both who want to try out this form of makeup and those who want to start this new branch in your beauty salon.

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

This is a makeup technique that is fast growing in both makeup and health industry. It uses tattoos to create designs similar to makeup. This is also called as derma-pigmentation or micro pigmentation but the most popular terms are semi-permanent makeup or permanent makeup.

What is the Range of Makeup?

This covers many of the areas in face makeup. This includes top and bottom eyeliner, enhancing of the eyelash, arching of the eyebrows, concealment of scars or camouflaging of discoloration on the skin of the face and coloring of the lips. This technique can be also used in artificial drawing/ production of eyebrows, especially for those who have lost them due to old age, chemotherapy, genetic matters etc. Other than face makeup, it can also be used to develop the areola of the breast after matters such as breast surgery.

How to Get Permanent/ Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Before getting the makeup, the first thing that should be done is to do a patch test on your skin. This way it will be easy to identify whether you have an allergic reaction to the pigment that is used. However, if you are a beauty salon owner and wish to hire someone to start this new branch of makeup at your place, you might also want to Visit Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies Website and discuss with tattoo technician the necessary details, so you can provide clients with the right details.

How Is It Done?

The technician will apply the pigment on to the area of your skin using a vibrating needle. As the needle penetrates the skin, the pigment is released into the top layer of your skin. Many are under the impression that this will hurt, but all you will feel is a slight stinging. After finishing, your makeup will take two or three weeks to fade into a permanent color. Complications due to this kind of makeup are rare but are always advisable to use an antibiotic cream to prevent infection during the first few days, and use sunscreens to block the harsh glare till the color become permanent.

What are the Benefits?

One of the main benefits is that you don’t have to have extra time every morning when you go out, to get your makeup done. Also you never have to worry about buying new products or worrying about new products not suiting your skin. This will also save the money you spent on products. Another benefit is that you can wear your makeup anywhere anytime, without having to worry about it being smudged and wet when you exercise, go out in rain or even decide to take a quick nap. This is also a technique that can be used to correct asymmetrical facial features and post-injury redefinition.

If you are someone wanting to get this type of makeup, now you know the benefits and how it is done. If you are someone who wants to start this art at your place, you will be greatly benefited too as this is a trending area in the makeup industry.

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