Cool Style Inspirations for Summer Parties

Spring is almost over. Before we know it, we’re already busy shopping for summer outfits especially when we have lots of events to attend this coming season. When we think of summer fashion ideas, the first few things that come into mind are light flowy dresses, shorts, strappy tops and light footwear such as flip-flops and sandals. These are perfect style options when you’re only going out on a casual day but have you ever wondered how to dress up for summer-themed formal gatherings? Here’s your cheat sheet on how to give your summer outfits a formal touch.

When planning for our getup on special occasions, most of us go directly to shopping malls or boutiques. While it may sound convenient, party dresses are a little bit pricey especially when you think of wearing it only for a few occasions. Wiser fashionistas consider dress rentals for special occasions. Aside from a wide range of trendy collections to choose from, renting is also cheaper than buying a brand new dress. Besides, nobody will ever know that your trendy outfit came from a rental shop. 

Here are some styling tips when you’re aiming for that perfect summer look on every occasion.

  • Beach Formal – Try putting on some long maxi dress in fun summer prints paired with flat strappy sandals.
  • Cocktail – One of the best picks is a little black dress worn with heeled sandals. Add some detail with statement jewelry.
  • Casual Dressy – Choose long elegant dresses made from silk or any light and flowy fabric for a summery feel. You can also try wearing a jumpsuit for a sleeker look. Pair long dresses in flats and jumpsuits with heeled sandals.
  • Boho Chic – If the event calls for it, your best pick is a light, flowy mini-dress worn with cowboy boots. There are also lots of bohemian-inspired accessories fit for your attire. Flower crowns are perfect to wear with this outfit.

Summer Weddings

Most couples choose summer months for their wedding day. The bright sunshine and clear skies surely add beauty to the special event. However, choosing a summer wedding outfit can be tricky for guests. You can have the usual top plus skirt or pants (except jeans) and a pair of flat footwear for informal gatherings. If it is held in the evening, upgrade your look with a summer cocktail dress paired with heels or a maxi dress over a pair of flats. There are lots of shops offering dress hire Perth, Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere you are in Australia. For semi-formal weddings, whether held day or night, you can choose between a cocktail dress and dressy separates that have bright colors or feminine prints. Always wear heels with either of these two to make it look more formal.

Creative Ways to Accessorize Summer Outfits

Choosing accessories to complement your summer getup is a little tricky. Your main goal when accessorizing is to choose pieces that enhance the look of your outfit and still maintain its fresh and cool feel.  Here are some basic summer accessories every woman must have.

  • Sunglasses – Aside from flattering your face and outfit, sunglasses also serve as protection for your eyes against the harsh sunlight.
  • Hats – They are stylish as well as functional in keeping protecting your head from the sun. Best to choose neutral shades such as brown and grey to mix and match easily.
  • Strappy sandals – One of the best footwear to free your feet. It also adds an effortless vibe on any outfit.

There are lots of ways to be fashionable yet thrifty at the same time. It only needs a little bit of creativity to achieve it.

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