How to Stay Fashionable in Winter

This year has really gone by rather fast and it is almost time for autumns just around the corner really, with winter well on its way, maybe it is time for you to start thinking about your wardrobe for this year’s colder months from now on. A lot of people feel like there is no point in doing fashion during the super cold months of winter because no matter what you wear you will almost always have to cover it up with a jacket. This could be true to a certain extent of course but this also does not mean that you do not do any kind of fashion at all here are some ways in which you can choose your winter clothing well and stay fashionable even through winter.

Choose the Right Fabrics

You may not be able to look your best if you are smothered under ten different layers. Layering can be fun too but for the moment, let’s not think about it. If you want to reduce the layers and still stay warm look for fabrics like merino wool Australia that can help insulate you against the cold. If you have something of this thick and soft wool on you, you will actually not need so many different layers and you will feel much more comfortable as well. Look for high quality though and make sure that you are not spending money on something that is not going to serve the purpose.

Choose Colours That Flatter You

You should not suddenly abandon the colour play of your clothing just because it is winter. The warm and cool tones of your skin will still be important and you will need to pick the colours that you like to wear to compliment the skin complexion that you have. No matter what shade your skin is, there is enough and more winter clothing that will suit you. You can choose from neutral colours like black, white, grey and nude tones to more bold colours such as reds, vivid burgundies, plums, and the likes while also trying out more soothing hues like blue, green, yellow and the likes.

Pick the Size of Your Clothing Correctly

A big mistake that many people make when they are selecting winter clothing is buying something that is just too oversized for them thinking that this will help them wear more layers. But like we said before, if you have the right fabric to keep you warm, you may not need so many different layers and after all, if you really want to wear baggy clothing you cannot hope to stay warm. The snugger the fit the better the warmth. Wear clothing that is the right size for you and leave space for maybe your thermal wear and just one more layer underneath. That should be more than enough. Remember to choose styles that flatter your body. Don’t pick something that you would not wear usually in terms of style. These are some ways in which you can still wear fashionably for the winter.

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