How Do You Start A Clothing Line? The Essentials

If you’re looking to start a clothing line of your own, you need to cover a few things. Below, we’ll be discussing some of the essentials you’ll need to know.

Where Is Your Capital?

To start any business, you would need ample capital for production. This is especially true for clothing lines as you’d need to spend on the factory, its workers and how you gather the materials for your goods to be made.

Frankly, this would cost a lot of money that you won’t be able to spare, even with a lifetime’s worth of savings. Hence, your best bet would be to acclaim these funds from a third party.

You could meet with lenders such as banks or credit unions. This is the easiest way to get the funds as if you have the required documents, you can take up to any amount you want. Unfortunately, this method would be dangerous in the long run as you’ll be trapped by the loan’s large interest rates.

That’s why you’d see a lot of aspiring business owners contact investors. They’d invest money in you as capital, hoping you’d be able to return the cash along with a share of the profits you would’ve made. If you know people in the industry, it’s fairly easy to gather investors as all you need to do is network.

Where’s Your Factory

The best clothing lines work with quality factories. They’d produce items that are high end, pleasing a brand’s customers. That’s why it’s vital you work with the right manufacturers and not just with anybody.

Create A Brand Image

Branding is very important in the fashion industry. How you portray yourself will increase your sales as customers would want clothing to represent the illusion you’re trying to sell.

That’s why you need a marketing team to come up with the imagery you want your clothes to represent. Once you’ve come up with it, your clothing line needs to follow this image and produce campaigns to notify the public of what you’re selling.

As mentioned, you need a great factory to manufacturer your pieces. Many clothing lines have started working with quality manufacturers, abolishing sweatshops. You should research About The Fable as they helped pave the way for this revolution.

What Are Your Prices?

You need to figure out the cost of your clothes. The price needs to reflect the quality you’re producing. Therefore, don’t sell it for less as you’ll affect your clothing line’s brand.  Moreover, the prices need to keep in mind the effort you spent in the manufacturing process. So, if it took a lot of effort to make, you’d want a steeper price.

The prices of your clothes will help your business succeed as good pricing will bring continuous income to you.

Ad campaigns will help you justify a higher price as customers will be aware of the effort taken to create your goods. So, you won’t be looked down for selling so high.

How Will You Sell?

Once the clothes are made, you should know how you’re going to distribute it to customers. The best way would be through your own website if you’ve just started. Once you’ve grown a presence, starting a shop of your own will do.

If you really want to sell at retail stores, you can. However, this would take a lot of networking to accomplish.

If you consider the above, you’d have the essentials to create a successful clothing line. So, get to work!

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How to Stay Fashionable in Winter

This year has really gone by rather fast and it is almost time for autumns just around the corner really, with winter well on its way, maybe it is time for you to start thinking about your wardrobe for this year’s colder months from now on. A lot of people feel like there is no point in doing fashion during the super cold months of winter because no matter what you wear you will almost always have to cover it up with a jacket. This could be true to a certain extent of course but this also does not mean that you do not do any kind of fashion at all here are some ways in which you can choose your winter clothing well and stay fashionable even through winter.

Choose the Right Fabrics

You may not be able to look your best if you are smothered under ten different layers. Layering can be fun too but for the moment, let’s not think about it. If you want to reduce the layers and still stay warm look for fabrics like merino wool Australia that can help insulate you against the cold. If you have something of this thick and soft wool on you, you will actually not need so many different layers and you will feel much more comfortable as well. Look for high quality though and make sure that you are not spending money on something that is not going to serve the purpose.

Choose Colours That Flatter You

You should not suddenly abandon the colour play of your clothing just because it is winter. The warm and cool tones of your skin will still be important and you will need to pick the colours that you like to wear to compliment the skin complexion that you have. No matter what shade your skin is, there is enough and more winter clothing that will suit you. You can choose from neutral colours like black, white, grey and nude tones to more bold colours such as reds, vivid burgundies, plums, and the likes while also trying out more soothing hues like blue, green, yellow and the likes.

Pick the Size of Your Clothing Correctly

A big mistake that many people make when they are selecting winter clothing is buying something that is just too oversized for them thinking that this will help them wear more layers. But like we said before, if you have the right fabric to keep you warm, you may not need so many different layers and after all, if you really want to wear baggy clothing you cannot hope to stay warm. The snugger the fit the better the warmth. Wear clothing that is the right size for you and leave space for maybe your thermal wear and just one more layer underneath. That should be more than enough. Remember to choose styles that flatter your body. Don’t pick something that you would not wear usually in terms of style. These are some ways in which you can still wear fashionably for the winter.

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How to Get Rid Of Clogged Pores

Clogged pores are troublesome situations that can happen to anyone at any point. They come about due to very common factors- it is essentially the build-up of dead skin sealing the pores underneath and therefore leading to a build-up of oil and sweat. Pollutants in the atmosphere, makeup and oil from your hands can also contribute to the issue so like we said, it’s a pretty common issue for people to get. Unfortunately they give way to blackheads, whiteheads or even acne. So your safest bet is to learn how to unclog them. Here are some simple ways you can go about doing that:


By using the best body exfoliating mitt you can get your hands on, you can cleanse your skin and remove any build-up of dead cells. Usually, you can exfoliate in two ways- chemical or physical. The physical contains a grainy substance that you have to massage in and the chemical based is usually used on more sensitive skin. The chemical based exfoliate contains several compounds that specifically combat clogged pores.


This is one of the more natural methods that you can try to open up your pores. Heat is known to stimulate them so by using steam, the warm, moist air helps open up the pores and therefore makes you more susceptible to other facial treatments like facial masks, for example. So you can use this method in conjunction with something else for full effect.

Pore Strips

Pore strips are adhesive strips that are used to remove hair, oil, dead skin etc. However, since this works with an adhesive, it is recommended that you use this only once a week (after wetting your skin) and you have to clean your skin well after the procedure is done. However, this method is not for people with allergies or sensitive skin as it can cause irritation.

Go Makeup Free

When you do wear makeup, make sure to wipe it all off once the day is done because this is a classic recipe for clogged pores. Make sure to schedule in some makeup-free days so you can give your skin a little room to breathe. On these days you can use one of the treatments mentioned above to stimulate your skin and ensure there’s no build-up of dead cells.


If you decide to head to a specialist for facial treatment, you could also ask him to perform an extraction. This is a process where the specialist uses a tool (or at times even his hand) to apply pressure around the blackheads to be able to extract the content built up within the pores. Usually an antibacterial is applied afterward to prevent further breakouts and depending on your needs, another facial treatment can also be arranged. However, if you do this without the help of a professional, it can result in worse breakouts and damaged pores so make sure to schedule an appointment!

These are the best ways you can go about getting rid of those clogged pores- you’re guaranteed to have clear, healthy skin after trying these out!

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How To Choose The Right Cosmetic Products

Every woman will use some form of cosmetic product at least once in her lifetime. Not only women, even men will use some type of cosmetic product in their lifetime. Choosing these cosmetic products properly to ensure that no harm comes to your health is very important and its significance cannot be stressed enough. Cosmetic product manufacture is a huge industry that has a massive turnover just in revenue.

This is so because people turn to cosmetic products for various issues that they have related to skin. The industry is ever growing and expanding with various new products constantly emerging. Having to choose from such an enormous myriad of choices in products that range from brand to brand and prices and different products used can be quite challenging, especially if you do not have ample knowledge about them. It is very easy to purchase something that is not suited to you and face serious health consequences. Some of the products that are out there are quite good for your skin and in turn health and the use of these products will truly enhance your skin health, but choosing the correct and proper product that is ideally suited for your skin can sometimes be challenging. Here are a few things to look at when choosing the correct products:

What Effects Does The Product Have When Exposed To The Sun’s Rays?

This is by far the most important and possibly the first question you should ask before purchasing any type of cosmetic product. Your skin is directly exposed to the sun and its harmful rays and if the product you want to purchase doesn’t have natural sun care protection then look elsewhere. The reason that this should be a priority and the main concern is because the sun’s rays can stimulate cancerous growths in your skin if it triggers any harmful processes. To avoid this type of situation, you must always wear sun protection and if you are using a product that doesn’t give you this sort of product or masks the effect of your sunscreen then it is not suitable to be used.

Know Your Skin

This is another important thing to remember when choosing products. Not all the products out there will suit everyone’s skin; each individual person has a different make up which is genetically predetermined and therefore cannot be altered. Keeping this in mind, you must first understand what type of skin you have, that is, know if your skin is oily or dry or too moist and the start looking for products to help come into a better state. For example, if it is naturally to oily you could use products to bring it down to a regular level.

However, it is important to realize that you cannot change your skin permanently by using any products because as mentioned previously it is genetically predetermined.

Stick To What You Are Comfortable With

Once you have figured out what is best for your skin, are sure to stick to it without changing things around too often.

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Try These Skin Care Tips For Youthful Skin

Nobody likes the idea of aging. In fact, we freak out every time we see a grey hair or notice a new wrinkle on our face. But the truth is, as mortal beings, aging is inevitable and the only thing you can do is, age gracefully. Even though aging is inevitable, it doesn’t mean that a twenty-year-old should be looking like a forty-year-old. This is usually where the concept of aging gracefully comes into play. Aging gracefully means aging according to age and allowing the process to take place in a manner that does not take away a whole lot from your existing beauty.

Similarly to how wine gets better with age, our skin should do the same. If you wish to know the secrets of aging like a fine wine, stay tuned and read the tips given below as they will give you some great insight on what you can do in order to protect and improve the elasticity and the supple appearance of your skin.

Consume Collagen Rich Foods

The skin tightening practice Sydney that you visit on your downtime might be able to vastly improve the look of your skin. And similarly to how paying a visit to the skin clinic gets you improved skin, consuming collagen-rich foods also can help you achieve similar results. There are numerous collagen-rich foods that you can incorporate into your diet and your everyday meals without a problem. These foods will help improve the elasticity of your skin and make your skin appear youthful and supple.

Removing Your Makeup

One of the best habits that you should always stick to is taking off your makeup before going to bed. The truth is, your skin doesn’t care how many glasses of wine you had the night before or how stressful work was. If your skin is not treated right, it will retaliate and the retaliation will not look good.

When you forget to take off your makeup, your makeup prevents your skin from breathing and this tends to block the pores in your skin. The blocked pores get infected often and this is what causes your skin to break out.

Never Forget Sun Screen

Forgetting your sunscreen is one of the leading causes of aging. The harsh sun rays can damage your skin and cause all sorts of skin problems such as uneven skin tones, wrinkles and various other skin problems. Aside from the vanity aspect of protecting your skin, it is also important to protect your skin from the sun rays so that you can protect yourself from skin cancer and overexposure to sunlight and damage to your beautiful skin.

Quit Bad Habits

If you have a habit of enjoying a cigarette from time to time, you might have to wave goodbye to this habit because smoking can be very harmful to your skin and it can cause irritation and cause your skin to look aged and wrinkly.

Quitting smoking will help you look a lot younger than you are so we highly recommend this tip for everyone out there.

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