FAQ’s About Permanent And Semi-Permanent Makeup

This is the latest trend in makeup art. However, due to this being still a new thing in the beauty industry, a lot of people tend to have question or doubts about it. So here are the answers to some of the FAQs about semi-permanent/ permanent makeup to clear away the doubts for both who want to try out this form of makeup and those who want to start this new branch in your beauty salon.

What is Cosmetic Tattooing?

This is a makeup technique that is fast growing in both makeup and health industry. It uses tattoos to create designs similar to makeup. This is also called as derma-pigmentation or micro pigmentation but the most popular terms are semi-permanent makeup or permanent makeup.

What is the Range of Makeup?

This covers many of the areas in face makeup. This includes top and bottom eyeliner, enhancing of the eyelash, arching of the eyebrows, concealment of scars or camouflaging of discoloration on the skin of the face and coloring of the lips. This technique can be also used in artificial drawing/ production of eyebrows, especially for those who have lost them due to old age, chemotherapy, genetic matters etc. Other than face makeup, it can also be used to develop the areola of the breast after matters such as breast surgery.

How to Get Permanent/ Semi-Permanent Makeup?

Before getting the makeup, the first thing that should be done is to do a patch test on your skin. This way it will be easy to identify whether you have an allergic reaction to the pigment that is used. However, if you are a beauty salon owner and wish to hire someone to start this new branch of makeup at your place, you might also want to Visit Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies Website and discuss with tattoo technician the necessary details, so you can provide clients with the right details.

How Is It Done?

The technician will apply the pigment on to the area of your skin using a vibrating needle. As the needle penetrates the skin, the pigment is released into the top layer of your skin. Many are under the impression that this will hurt, but all you will feel is a slight stinging. After finishing, your makeup will take two or three weeks to fade into a permanent color. Complications due to this kind of makeup are rare but are always advisable to use an antibiotic cream to prevent infection during the first few days, and use sunscreens to block the harsh glare till the color become permanent.

What are the Benefits?

One of the main benefits is that you don’t have to have extra time every morning when you go out, to get your makeup done. Also you never have to worry about buying new products or worrying about new products not suiting your skin. This will also save the money you spent on products. Another benefit is that you can wear your makeup anywhere anytime, without having to worry about it being smudged and wet when you exercise, go out in rain or even decide to take a quick nap. This is also a technique that can be used to correct asymmetrical facial features and post-injury redefinition.

If you are someone wanting to get this type of makeup, now you know the benefits and how it is done. If you are someone who wants to start this art at your place, you will be greatly benefited too as this is a trending area in the makeup industry.

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How To Be The Centre Of Attention At A Party

Parties are fun and exciting. The atmosphere is so lively and vibrant. The food is delicious. Most importantly you get to meet up with your friends and have a good time. However sometimes you may want more than just to have fun, you may want to own the night and make people notice your presence. So here are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want to own the party.

Dress To Impress

The best way to make an impression is through your outfit. Fashion plays a huge role in what people think of you so if you want people to be blown away by your presence in the party then you need to dress to impress. However what you choose to wear needs to be chosen with care. What do you want people to think of when they look at you? Elegant? Fashionista? Kind? Cute? sporty? Depending on what impression you want to give, choose an outfit that best encapsulates them while still looking fashionable and trendy. However do this only for parties that are more informal in nature. For more formal parties you may need to go with elegant and sophisticated formal clothes over trendy outfits. If you do not have a good outfit, you should consider purchasing one. You can either buy one at a store or you can buy formal dresses online in Australia.

Be Confident And Charismatic

Charisma and confidence are probably the two most important things you need to make people take notice of you in a positive way.  When a person is confident, they can command the attention of the room and make people focus on them. However, confidence without charisma would make someone seem egotistical and annoying. You need to be confident but you need to be charming and approachable. Make sure to smile and greet people warmly. When speaking to someone focus on them and listen to what they say. Do not bore them with in-depth industry talk, crack some jokes, keep conversations light and fun. Remember confidence makes people take notice of you, charisma is what keeps them noticing you.

Don’t Become The Object Of Jokes

The most important thing is simple. If you want to own the night, becoming the object of laughter is not the right course of action. Behave with poise and elegance and don’t over engage in behaviour that may stop you from doing so. If you want to have some drinks, go ahead but limit yourself to just one or two drinks. Too much can make you sick and the easiest way to become the object of jokes is to spend the entire duration of the party in the washroom.

Don’t Engage In Quarrels

The best way to ruin an impression is to engage in a quarrel. Not only does this anger the host, it can also make the other guests feel irritated.  When someone annoys you or tries to engage you in a quarrel, you should ignore them and walk away.  This reflects better on you because it shows that you know how to keep calm and behave properly.

So do the above and hopefully you will be able to truly own the party and make people notice your presence.

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Tips for Buying Comfortable Clothes for Guys

Guys don’t need to spend time shopping for clothes like the ladies, right? Well, wrong. Buying just any sharp looking clothes won’t do justice for your needs. The comfort matters too. You won’t be able to do a power pose in your suit if it’s irritating or if the drawers chafe. Here are several useful tips for buying men’s clothes are actually comfortable to wear for long hours:

Take Proper Size Measurements

One of the top reasons why most men are uncomfortable wearing either tops or bottoms is the size. It’s easy to buy something off the display rack based on the generic size as small or large. That’s actually a terrible way to buy clothes. There are different size measurements you should consider to ensure maximum comfort. For example, when buying shirts, you might want to consider chest size if you have a bulky torso. When buying briefs, you might want to consider the size for the lifting support required in addition to waist size. Therefore, take real measurements using a tape measure and use these numbers to choose the best size for you. Then you would immediately feel more comfortable in your clothes.

Buying Underwear is a Different Process

If your drawers are ill-fitting, too hot, or otherwise wrong is some manner, you may end up with serious discomfort issues. Uncomfortable drawers could cause problems like skin irritation and chafing issues as well. Therefore, learn how to choose the right undergarments for you. Browse several Australian men’s underwear brands to determine which offers the best support for your needs. There are no one-size-fits-all drawers. The undergarments you wear for the office will not suit your at the gym. Keep the requirement any qualities when buying boxers or briefs.

The Fabric Matters

Whether your clothes feel cool or warm, clingy or not, among other things, would depend on the fabric you choose. Fabrics contain properties such as the ability to trap body heat or wick off moisture. Fabrics like silk are great at trapping body heat so wearing the clothes naturally warm the skin. Synthetic fabrics like polyester blends can keep moisture that is sweat, off your skin. Some fabrics are less irritating, like natural cotton. You will have to choose the right fabric depending on the clothing item, the season, and the activity you will engage in wearing that clothing item.

Consider the Weather or the Season

You certainly don’t want to wear a fabric that traps heat in the summer or a breathable, lightweight fabric in the winter. The weather is a factor that determines how comfortable clothes will end up being. Therefore, choose the right fabric for the season. Natural fabrics like cotton and bamboo are recommended for summer, while materials like silk are recommended mostly for winter seasons.

How Active are You?

If you are going to the gym, you would want to buy clothes that keep sweat and odours off your skin. Consider clothes and fabrics with wicking ability in this regard. Also, chafing is a concern and don’t choose garments that would end up being too tight.

Once you follow through with the above steps, you would be ready to choose the colours for the clothes as you like.

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Questions Patients Commonly Ask Before Rhytidectomy

Are you planning on giving yourself a brand new look through cosmetic surgery? Rhytidectomy is a procedure carried out on your facial features that corrects factors such as saggy and wrinkling skin allowing you to embrace a much more youthful appearance that can stand the test of time. However, while you may be enthusiastic to take on this opportunity at looking better, there are a set of questions that almost all patients ask. Here they are so you know what exactly to expect.

Do You Require General Anaesthesia For The Procedure?

Yes, you will be put under general anaesthesia certainly. The reason is that a facelift is a very complex and intricate procedure that takes a lot of time and skill not to mention it needs to be done just right, as it will be the first thing that is visible once you have healed. You will be put under general anaesthesia and you will also need to be admitted overnight to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Will Scars Be Clearly Visible?

Just like in the case of any wound or operation, the scars will be visible immediately after you have gone through the process. But all incisions that are made are done carefully to ensure that they will not be seen or noticed after you have healed completely. If there is even one that bothers you, they too can be patched up and taken care of, usually with the help of minimal secondary operations.

What Will Your Recovery Time Be Like?

This will change considerably from one patient to another. For the majority of patients in recovery, the majority of the swelling which is really very normal will subside within the first seven to ten days after surgery. The majority of patients also feel comfortable enough with the way they look to get outside and back to their routines by about the end of the second week, and anything else that lingers such as minor swelling will be resolved completely at the end of four weeks at the most.

Is Asymmetry A Common After-Effect?

Every human being has a very minute amount of asymmetry prevalent in their body as well as their facial features which cannot be really noticed at a glance. However, when you undergo this surgery, if the doctor has the required skill, there is only a very rare chance that there will be distinctive and stubborn asymmetry after the process. Sometimes, the facial nerve can be bruised and this can lead to asymmetry but that too goes away after a few weeks.

Helping you enhance the charm and elegance of your face, facelift surgery in India can prove to be a life saver for people wanting to uplift their facial beauty.


Can Any Doctor Carry Out The Procedure?

No they cannot. A medical professional needs to be highly qualified and trained in this particular area as they will be dealing with your facial features and restoring them to a former youthful appearance. A slight mistake can take a really bad turn if they are not sure about what they are doing. This is why you need to make sure that you go to the right specialist for the procedure.

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How to Face the Biggest Hair Dare!

As women, young and old, we just never get enough of anything! Isn’t it the painful truth? Women are so hard to satisfy! It applies to all their needs and wants. From food to clothing to all kinds of beauty aspects, women tend to want more, and more, all the time! There may be a couple of things that they MAY not mind going easy on, but there are also some things that are completely out of the question. Beauty is something women would not compromise with, no matter what! It is in fact, a good thing because in today’s world, there are so many out there who lack the motivation and the desire to look nice and pleasant and be happy.

Hair Care

There are so many wonderful things you can do to your hair. There is hair colouring, straightening, curling, and so much more. While these things are mostly optional, which you can try whenever you are in a mood, there are also other ‘issues’ you may be facing with your hair. While styling options are widely and readily available, solutions for hair problems can be hard to find – or so you may think!


Hair fall, baldness, and scanty hair are some of the common problems that you may dread going through. Your hair adds a whole different level of beauty and lushness to your overall appearance, and having trouble with it can just weigh you down, so much that it can even steal away your identity. Beautiful, voluminous hairs are every girl’s dream. Having seen Rapunzel, your desire for such beautiful locks would probably intensify all the more! Unless you are suffering from some kind of medical condition, the solution for your thin-hair issues is widely available today, that too, an awesome one!

Awesome Solutions

Hair extensions have become the answer to many hair problems in women. Natural-looking, human hair extensions can actually look deceivingly real and give you an incredibly amazing look. This kind of virgin hair is actually real and is donated to salons, where it is used to make the most natural looking locks to be used as extensions. Virgin hair requires very less work when it comes to making the extension because, obviously, it is natural and healthy human hair after all! Most of you would prefer this kind of extension, despite it being a tad bit costlier than the other types, because it gives you both an amazing feeling and a gorgeous look! Using real hair for your extensions could undeniably make you feel a lot more confident about yourself because you know it is ‘real’, and therefore, you can walk past any crowd gracefully, with your head held high.

When it comes to beauty, it is quite tough for a woman to decide which part of it is the most precious or the most important. Both skin and hair hold great importance in a woman’s life. They are what gives her confidence, self-esteem, and loads and loads of happiness. That is why a little injury or damage or flaw in either of them can truly affect a woman inside and out.

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